Friday, March 21, 2014

Going Buggy Picture Frame

Linda created this cute picture frame in honor of her new grandson! This is an adorable project for boys.

  • SPC Wood Frame
  • Brown Marker
  • Fat Quarter
  • Wide Black Rick Rack
  • Green Leaf Beads
  • Green 12x12 Card Stock
  • Dress It Up Bug Buttons
  • Copper Wire
  • Quick Dry Glue
  • Zip Dry Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small, Thin Paint Brush

1. Cut fabric pieces to cover the frame as desired.
2. Cut card stock to cover frame as desired.
3. Use Zip Dry Glue to glue paper on the frame.
4. Use Quick Grip Glue to glue fabric on (one piece inside out with a “tied on”look).
5. Color a pattern on areas desired with the brown marker.
6. Use Quick Grip to glue on bug buttons.
7. Glue rick rack on using Quick Grip.
8. Thread copper wire through leaf beads, using a small, thin paint brush handle to form the spring look...two or three leaf beads per wire...then glue on with the Quick Grip.
9. Thread the plastic thread from the leaf beads through the spider button to look like a web string...tie it onto the button....tuck the other end into the cloth covering the frame.

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