Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

Do you ever wish for a pot of gold? How about making a St. Patrick's Day pot of gold chocolate coins and a leprechaun village for a bit of Irish whimsical decor.

One Terra Cotta Pot
Gold Acrylic Paint
One Package Chocolate Coins

Paint the Terra Cotta Pot with the gold acrylic paint. First paint the inside and allow to dry. 
Next, paint the outside and allow to dry by placing a few coins under the pot to raise off your table surface.
Now fill the pot with chocolate and enjoy!

Leprechaun Village

Create a leprechaun village with miniature wooden bird houses and some floral greenery.

Unfinished Wooden Bird Houses (you choose the quantity for your village)
Green Acrylic Paint
Chocolate Coins
Floral Greens
Moss Mat
Miniature Terra Cotta Pot
Miniature Metal Garden Bench

Paint the wood bird houses with green acrylic paint.  Allow to dry.
Now pick the area you will use to display your leprechaun village.
Place the moss mat flat.
Place your painted houses on the moss.
Arrange the bench, greens, pot and coins so that it resembles a mini village.

Have fun with your new St. Patrick's Day scene!

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