Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hostess Gifts and Easter Gift Baskets

We like the phrase "think outside of the box" and these gift baskets are a great example of it by not showing the traditional rabbit, chicks and eggs in a basket. This is our idea of the perfect Easter hostess gift or Easter basket for adults. Instead of bringing flowers for the Easter dinner table, why not bring something unusual for a centerpiece?
Today we are sharing our vision for the perfect gift basket.
1. Pick a theme
2. Choose colors that go well together - paint store swatch samples are a great help if you are feeling overwhelmed.
3. Choose your basket or container. We really were thinking of boxes today and love these home decor boxes.  These can be placed on surfaces or hung on your walls.
4. Pick items that are aligned with your theme.
5. Place a colored shred in the bottom of your basket and then add your gift items. You may need to rearrange them  to achieve the look of a great gift basket. (hint: stand back and observe from a distance to get a new perspective).
6. Wrap the basket with a large sheet of cellophane.
7. Finally, add a color coordinating bow and a gift tag to complete the package.

Rosemary Themed Gift Basket:

Margarita Themed Gift Basket:

Rustic Farmhouse Gift Basket:

Fresh Yellow Easter Gift Basket:

We hope you enjoyed this inspirational blog post. We have pre-made gift baskets available in the store, and would also be happy to help you with your own gift basket theme and items that match. Come visit us for ideas and help making your gift basket.

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