Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY Renaissance Faire Hair Jewelry

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire is held at the Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake every August. This event runs the first three weekends and is an definitely an event to see. Elaborate costumes, jousting events, period music and roasted turkey legs, the fun festival is sure to entertain you.

For more information on the faire click here.
Watch this promo video for the Renaissance Faire and you will be marking this event on your calendar.

Renaissance Hair Jewelry

note: It is very helpful to create this jewelry headpiece on a styrofoam head

  • 4mm Jump Rings
  • Briolette or Drop
  • Fine Chain
  • Needle Nose Pliers

  1. Cut a piece of chain to fit comfortably around your head at the forehead (approx. 17 - 22 inches), close the loop with a 4mm jump ring at the back.
  2. Place a jump ring on each side of the forehead in front of the temples. Turn your piece around and place a 4mm jump ring again at the temples, right where you placed the others on the forehead. Turn your piece around again and repeat so there are three jump rings in back and two in front. (Tape or pin your piece down so it is easier to work with).
  3. Attach a piece of chain to one of the jump rings at the temple and drape it to the back of the head jump ring on same side so that it drapes down about an inch at the lowest. Repeat on the other side.
  4. Drape another chain  approximately one inch under the previous two. Repeat on other side.
  5. Attach a 8 inch piece of chain from the middle jump ring at the back of the head. It should hang to the lower middle of your head. If it hangs to the nape of your neck trim it up.
  6. With a jump ring, attach a piece of chain from each side of the back to the bottom of the middle chain forming a u shape.
  7. Continue attaching chains up the back until you get several layers of draping.
  8. At the front of the piece, attach a piece of chain 2 inches long in two places , each just off from center. (note: if chain reaches your eyebrows you will need to trim it slightly,) Attach with jump rings.
  9. Add the brioche or drop to the center of the head piece.
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