Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Fall Twine Jars



  •  4 quart jars
  • Bakers twine in orange, red, yellow, and brown
  • Gold sequins of whatever preferred size
  •  Elmers glue
  •  E6000 (big size)
  • Scissors

1. Using a clean, dry jar, put a generous, 1/2 inch wide layer of E6000 around the base of the first jar. Immediately start adding twine in one continuous line around the jar until it covers the glue. Keep repeating this step until the jar is completely covered. 
2. Repeat step 1 for the other three jars in the other colors.
3. On your first jar, lightly draw the letter "F" with a thin sharpie line and a stencil, if preferred. On the next jar, do the same thing with the letter "A", and the last two with the letter "L".
4. On the first jar, put a moderate line of Elmer's glue on the sharpie line and quickly stick the gold sequins on the glue so that, after repeating this step a few times, it creates the letter "F". Repeat this step for the other letters, let the jars dry, and you're done!

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