Thursday, October 9, 2014

Create Your Own R.I.P. Zombie Bracelet

Zombies are wildly popular, and we are excited to share this fun R.I.P. Zombie bracelet created by the design team at Tierracast. Come in and see the great Tierracast line we carry, and we will help you choose the items you need to create your very own zombie bracelet.

Tierracast R.I.P. Zombie Bracelet

  • One E Hook 
  • One Gravestone Charm
  • One Zombie Charm
  • Six Rivet Sets
  • One Oval Link
  • One Bone Link
  • Two Jumprings
  • 5" Avacado Strap 1/2" wide
  • 5" Black Strap 1/2" wide
Tools Needed: Compression rivet setter, bench block, hammer, chain or flat nose pliers (2), leather punch, scissors, ruler, pencil, round file (optional)

  1. Thread end of one leather strap through oval link and fold over 5/8”. 
  2. Use leather hole punch to make 2.5mm hole through both layers of leather centered 1/8” from the edge of the link 
  3. Place rivet post through holes from the back. On top side cover post with rivet cap. Squeeze together to engage.
  4. Place bottom of post onto bench block. Place concave end of rivet setter onto cap and strike with hammer until set.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 with second piece of leather.
  6. To attach E hook repeat Steps 1-4, threading one end of bracelet through closed side of E hook instead of oval link. 
  7. At other end of bracelet fold leather over 5/8”. 
  8. Make holes centered 3/8” from the fold and repeat riveting steps. 
  9. Position bone link where desired on bracelet and use pencil to mark hole placement on leather. 
  10. Make 2.5mm holes where marked. 
  11. Option: Use round file to smooth and enlarge bone link holes slightly if needed. 
  12. Repeat riveting steps to attach, striking firmly until set. 
  13. Use one jumpring to attach one charm to oval link. 
  14. Repeat Step 13 to attach second charm. 
R.I.P. Zombie Bracelet Project Sheet pdf

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