Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Learn to Create Beautiful Hand Lettering

I’ve put together the best resources for anyone interested in learning more about custom typography and hand lettering, from online typography courses to books and kits on hand lettering, type skills and more. Whether you’re interested in making hand lettering your next hobby or adding custom type to your list of professional skillsets, this is …:
Courtesy of Lettershoppe

Do you wish you could make your own hand-lettered signs? The trend for signage continues and the lettering is gorgeous. Calligraphy lettering is still popular, but now hand lettering is all the rage.  I am sure you see hand lettered chalkboard art almost everywhere you go.
Here is a tip that will have you creating your own signs. Use graphite transfer!
First, create your lettering on a computer in the fonts you like, then print it out. Take a pencil and rub it on the back of your printed paper, turn it over and lay it on the wood sign or any other surface you are working with. Next softly trace the letters with your pencil. You can now use a paintbrush or pen to fill in the letters.

There are also books and video tutorials to teach you the basic skills, but the most important part is lots of practice and have fun creating!

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