Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DIY Sorting Hat

Make a Sorting Hat - it is a great decoration for the October season.

Paper Mache Hat
Photos for Reference - Sorting Hat from Harry Potter movies
Paper Mache Clay
Paper - Mulberry, Rice or Tissue
Glue or Mod Podge
Acrylic Paints - Browns

- Add paper mache clay to the paper hat base to give this hat a face. Refer to photos for accuracy. Build up heavy brows, a flat nose, wrinkles in the forehead and a wide, wrinkled mouth. Add a few wrinkles to the back of the hat and under the collapsed peak. Don't smooth the clay too much as bumpiness will add character to the hat. Allow to dry completely.
- Coat the hat with glue or Mod Podge and add tissue all over, giving a leathery texture. Buch up the tissue paper more where you want wrinkles to appear, and stretch it flat and even where you want the surface to appear worn and smooth, let dry.
- Paint the hat with medium brown acrylic paint and let dry.
- Mix water in to dark brown paint with a 1:5 water to paint ratio. Use this color to add shadows inside the mouth, under the brows and between any wrinkles you want to appear darker. This thinned paint will seep into the cracks and crevasses, giving dimension. Allow to dry.
- Drybrush a layer of light brown paint over the other shades of brown. For this use only a small amount of paint on a completely clean, dry brush, with just the tip of the beristles touching the hat. This paint should only show on the highest points of the hat, wrinkles, large flat even areas and the tops of the brows. This will give the sorting hat a weatherbeaten, worn look.

Thanks to Petersen-Arne for sharing this project.

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