Monday, October 3, 2016

DIY Paper Crafts

Linda created these mini cards - they are a fun size for notes and small gifts.

Mini Greeting Cards with Envelopes in a Holder

l  Choose a decorative piece of cardstock with small cut-aparts (I chose the Pebbles Woodland Forest “Thankful”.)  Cut apart the ones that you want to use.
l  Choose solid color cardstock to coordinate.
l  Cut desired solid cardstock for each card: one piece that is 2 ½ “ x 4” and another solid color piece that is  2 ½ “ x 5”.
l  Score these at the halfway point (2” for the 4” piece; 2 ½ “ for the 5” piece).
l  Cover the inside of the smaller one with adhesive and stick it to the outside of the larger one matching the fold lines
l  Adhere the small cut-apart to the front of the card (you can back the small cut-apart with another color of solid cardstock so that it is has a small border all the way around if desired)
l  Using the envelope punch board, follow the directions to make an envelope for a 3x3 size card.  Cut a decorative strip of paper to wrap around the envelope and adhere if desired.
l  For each card, cut a decorative 2”x2” square.  Fold it so that it now looks like a triangle from corner to corner.  Cover the back side with adhesive.  Line up the fold line to the fold line inside the top of your envelope and adhere.
l  For the card holder: Cut your desired cardstock to be 4” long by 12” wide.  Then follow the punch board directions to make a large bag. (I did not punch the holes that is optional on the bag punch board).
l  Cut a strip of decorative paper and wrap it around the outside of your bag using adhesive on the back side of it.
l  Decorate with washi tape at the bottom of the bag

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