Saturday, April 22, 2017

Daniel Smith Watercolor Demo in Bonney Lake

May 6, 2017; 2:00 - 4:00pm
Stop by to see our Daniel Smith Watercolor demo!
Scott Stevenson from Daniel Smith will be in our store Saturday showing our new artist grade watercolors, and the versatile Watercolor Ground. There will be a make and take, also.

Watercolors are great to take with you on a vacation since you need only the paint and water. They are small and take up only a small space.

Have you heard of Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground? It is an amazing product that let's you turn almost any surface into a toned or black ground for watercolor painting, as well as collage, pastels, pencils and mixed media work. It comes in Iredescent Gold, Pearlescent White, Buff Titanium and Mars Black. Now, with this exciting new ground, anything you've dreamed of painting with watercolor can become a reality. It’s easy to use—just brush it on—and incredibly versatile.

Better than an eraser...
Titanium White, as well as turning any surface into Watercolor Paper, allows you to rescue areas within a painting done on Watercolor paper! It’s so easy to apply Ground over an area within a painting that needs rescuing—or for working on different compositional areas. You can also lift and scrub without damaging the painting surface.

Just brush this heavily pigmented, acrylic-based ground onto absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces (for best results abrade the surface with sandpaper or steel wool before brushing on the ground.)

One coat works on most materials—allow the surface to cure for 24 hours before painting. Once dry, it will not reactivate.

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