Saturday, March 3, 2018

DIY Lighted Jewelry Box

·         Window Frame YOR4848
·         Raw Wood Tray KID73
o   Painted with Burnt Umber Cheep Paint,
o   then Everlasting Americana Décor Chalky Finish Paint – wiped off while still a little wet
·         Photo printed off copy machine on regular paper – paint photo with Ranger Multi-Medium Matte – 4 coats – dry in-between applications, then wetted down and paper peeled off so only image is left. Then adhered to back side of glass with same multi-medium
·         Vinyl Phrase adhered to front of glass
·         Holographic paper on back of glass when photo is dry
·         Rope removed from glass frame
·         Darice .875 inch curved black hinge set connected painted tray to frame
·         Frame rope glued on right side of tray – to hide the fact it is slightly larger than the frame – using Quick Grip
·         Added one knob from CAL309 on front of frame – drilling hole first
·         Added remaining 4 knobs to inside – drilled out holes big enough for knob screws. Then added a nut  to each screw before placing screw through back and screwing into knob

·         Firefly lights added for use as a decorative component to make holographic paper show stars and hide necklaces. 

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