Thursday, October 11, 2018

DIY Painting with Crackle Medium

Create a painting that looks like an owl in a tree.

One Wood Surface
Acrylic Paints
Delta Ceramcoat Crackle Medium
Flat Foam Brush
Paint Brush

Using a foam brush, paint the entire surface of your board with acrylic paint. For this project green was used, but we left an area free of paint in the middle for the hole in the tree.
Allow to dry completely.
Next, paint the crackle medium over the areas you want to have a crackle appearance.
Allow to dry until the surface is tacky.
Now gently brush the top color over the board, except over the tree hole. We used a brown acrylic paint.
Allow this to dry completely. We suggest overnight. As the paint dries, it will slowly crackle.
The last step was to paint this owl in the tree opening.

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