Wednesday, May 22, 2019

DIY Easy Memorial Day Candles

You can create a festive candle for Memorial Day, and it just might last through the Fourth of July!

You guys, this is super easy to do. I put a candle wick in the bottom of a 4 in tall galvanized can and stuck it down with a small piece of masking tape. Then I melted soy wax on my stove. I would recommend using an old one that is not used for cooking - mine came from a local second hand store. I cut some rosemary from my herb garden and added it to the wax as it melted. The melting process only took a couple of minutes. I added drops of Lemongrass essential oil and poured the wax into my container, then set it aside to dry. If your wick is not staying in place you can add a couple of rubber bands across the top to keep it in the middle of your container. Add a festive bow and your natural scented candle is ready to use. 
As a bonus, mosquitoes do not like Lemongrass and this may keep them away while your candle burns. Enjoy!

You can get all of the supplies to make this candle at your favorite Bonney Lake Ben Franklin Crafts.

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