Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ben's Espresso

Did you know that Ben's Espresso is the oldest standing coffee stand in Bonney Lake? Located on the outside of Ben Franklin Crafts & Frame, Ben's Espresso has been welcoming customers with warm smiles and delicious drinks for over 20 years.

Each month, Ben's Espresso celebrates with three fun-themed drinks with unique blends and mixes.

For March, you can order a:

  • Nutty Irish--Latte with Hazelnut and Irish Cream.
  • Shamrock Mocha--Blended Mocha with Creme de Menthe and Irish Cream.
  • Fool's Gold--White Chocolate Mocha with Caramel and English Toffee.

Don't those sound yummy?!

Ben's Espresso also has a line of their own signature drinks: 

  • Lightening Bolt--Get struck by this shocking blend of Butterscotch and White Chocolate. 
  • Berry Bifocal--It is clear to see why this smoothie is such a refreshing duo. 
  • Common Sense--You're sure to enjoy this basic yet delicious combination of Vanilla and Hazelnut. 
  • Founding Father--A united mix of classic mild Chocolate, Irish Cream and Kahlua.

Another perk about this coffee stand is that you have a chance to win FREE drinks just by being an e-Newsletter subscriber. Each month, we draw a winner to receive a $25 Ben's Espresso Gift Card, so if you're not subscribed, you can sign up here.

Stop by Ben's Espresso the next time you're at our store and pick up a delicious drink to go!

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