Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspiration: Bottle Necklaces

What is it about miniature items that we find so adoring?

We carry miniature glass bottles in our Beads Department, which can easily to turned into necklace pendants.

The cool thing, of course, is being able to fill the bottle with something colorful, fun, or sincere. When you create your pendant, we recommend gluing the cork onto the bottle (to permanently secure it). 

To turn a bottle with a cork into a pendant, carefully place an eye hook screw into the cork. You can use glue to secure it in. 

There are several ways to make your own unique bottle necklace, and here we will show you a few ideas.

Hope Necklace

Remember making a wish before attempting to blow all the seeds off of a dandelion hoping it would come true? You can still hope for your wish to come true by filling the bottle with a few dandelion seeds and place it onto a ball chain with a small coordinating charm.

Fairy Dust Necklace

Glitter is a whimsical way to add a little sparkle. Use paper to funnel fine or micro fine glitter into the bottle and place it onto a metal chain. You can wear it by itself or add a few beads for extra sparkle.

Potion Necklace

Create magic by pouring the bright colors of Pop! Micro Beads by American Crafts into a bottle and wearing it with a silk strand.

There are a variety of ways to create a bottle pendant to wear. How would you make yours?

For more projects, visit our Project Gallery on our website here.

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