Thursday, November 8, 2012

Make an Advent Calendar Wall Hanging

Make an advent calendar into wall art to count down the days till Christmas!

Crafted by Laurie.


  • 16" x 20" Frame
  • 24 Tags
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Distress Inks
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Adhesive Numbers
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Jute
  • Scissors

For this project, you can choose any color theme you desire, along with designing it to suit your taste.

1.  Using the paintbrush, paint the entire frame (front, back and sides) and set aside to let dry.

Laurie painted the frame in a dark red, but only applied one coat to accent the brush strokes for a distressed look and lightly rubbed Distress Ink into the frame.

To give the frame a solid coat of color rather than a distressed look, we suggest applying at least 2 coats of paint (and forgo the Distress Ink).

You can design the tags any way you would like, but here is how Laurie designed them.

2.  Cut squares of corrugated paper to fit onto the tag.
3.  Swipe the top of the corrugated pieces onto Distress Ink pads to add color to the top of the ridges and set aside to let dry.

Feel free to use the same color throughout or use two or three coordinating colors.

4.  Adhere the adhesive sticker on top of the corrugated paper pieces.

Laurie used Handmade Holiday Countdown Cardstock Stickers to number each tag.

5.  Glue the corrugated paper pieces to the tags.
6.  Paint or use the Distress Inks to dry the mini clothespins, matching or coordinating the color of the tags.
7.  Measure and cut three pieces of jute to tape or screw into the backside of the frame.

Be sure to leave enough room in between each jute for the tags to hang, without overlapping one another.

8.  Clip on each tag, starting with numbers 1-8 on the first jute, 9-16 on the second jute and 17-24 on the last jute.

Now, it's ready to hang!

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