Saturday, March 30, 2013

D.I.Y. Knob Magnet

Make a magnet where you can hang items from, such as your keys, hair accessories and more!

Crafted by Billie Jo.


  • Knob
  • Magnet
  • E-6000

When selecting a knob, choose one with a flat back large enough to fit a magnet. The magnet size should support the size and/or weight of the knob.

1.  Remove any bolts, screws and washers from the knob.

2.  Use E-6000 to adhere a magnet to the back of the knob.
3.  Sit the knob upright with the magnet side down as the glue dries.

Once glue is completely dry, it's ready to use!

Billie Jo embellished this knob with a rhinestone where the bolt use to be to cover the hole. Feel free to embellish the knob as you wish with alcohol ink, glitter, etc.

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