Monday, December 16, 2013

Beaded Cone Trees - A Fun Project


· Paper Mache Cone
· Bead Garland
· Hot Glue Gun
· Acrylic Paint
· Paintbrush

1. Using the paintbrush, apply paint to the outer surface of the cone.
2. Set it aside to let dry.
3. Once dry, apply glue to the top of the cone to adhere one end of the bead garland.
4. Begin wrapping it around the cone, but be sure it's not too loose.
5. Once you get to the bottom, apply glue to the other end of the bead garland to adhere it to the cone.
6. Add embellishments to the cone, if you desire.

You can wrap the trees in any material before adding the bead garland, such as fabric, burlap, frayed ribbon and any other material you desire.



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