Saturday, December 14, 2013

Family Recipes Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Every family has favorite recipes, the ones that are requested at all your family gatherings. A Christmas candy recipe that came from Great Grandma Pearl, Grandma Alice's homemade buns, Mom's famous pickles, the foods that bring fond memories of family and loved ones. These recipe cards are treasures meant to be shared with future generations! 
Here is a great project that will keep all of those treasured recipes in one spot.

You can also personalize the recipe box to have each family members favorites in one spot.

 Project: Family Favorites Recipe Box

Unfinished wood recipe box
Black acrylic paint
Scrapbook paper
One clasp 
Matt finish Mod Podge
Ornate metal legs
Silver covered plastic knife and spoon
Black cardstock, heavy duty weight

1. Paint the entire inside of your recipe box with black acrylic paint. Paint the edges of the outside of the box black. Allow to dry completely.

2. Measure the dimensions of each rectangle on the outside of your recipe box and cut paper slightly smaller. Paint a thin coat of Mod Podge on outside of the box and adhere paper to the recipe box  on all sides and the top. Allow to dry. Glue top clasp to front lid and line up the bottom clasp on the lower panel.

3. Use E6000 to glue legs on bottom of box. Let dry completely.

4. Glue fork and spoon to top of the recipe box. Allow to dry.

5. Cut out cardstock to size of box interior, allowing for a tab on top. Label each tab with recipe categories. You may also leave blank to allow others to label later. Place dividers in your recipe box.

Your recipe box is now ready for use!

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