Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beaded Valentine Heart

Beaded Valentine Day Heart


38 pieces 4mm crystal, pearl or beads

Nylon fishing line or other beading thread


Step 1: cut a piece of line, add 7 crystals at the middle of this thread, cross the other end of the thread through the last added crystal (making a square shape)

Now you will realize you are working with two thread, add one crystal to each side of the thread and add one more crossing both thread through this crystal.

Tie a knot to tighten, but do not cut off tread.

Step 2: Now leave one thread and work on the other first.

Use the right thread, pick up four crystals, and loop the thread back through the crystal from step one.

Continue by adding 2 more crystals and looping back through the crystal on top (remember to pull tight).

Repeat this for the left side of the thread, too.

Step 3: Loop each end of the thread back through the crystals on the  rim of the heart shape and when they meet again in the center, tie a knot, loop the excess threads back through the beaded heart in any way you like – this is to hide the thread- then cut off any excess.

Now you  should get a heart shape, but you may notice that it might be a bit crumpled. That is why you need to make another exact heart shape by repeating steps one and two.

Step 4: Now you will join the two hearts together.

Cut a new piece of thread and start by passing each end of the thread through the same adjoining crystal of the two  heart shape.

Criss-crossing as you tie the two pieces of the heart shape together, go all the way around the rim of the heart. If you want to add a pendant hook, remember to add it in the middle of the heart.

Step 5: Tie off. Loop the excess thread back through the heart shape and cut away remaining threads.

This heart is now ready to add to your favorite chain and wear!

For more bead and jewelry projects see our beads page on the website.

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