Friday, January 17, 2014

Buttons and Dreams Cabinet

Buttons and Dreams Cabinet

· Unfinished Pine Cabinet
· 12” x 12” Orange Poppy Paper by Little Yellow Bicycle
· Mod Podge
· X-Acto knife
· Napthal Crimson Red acrylic paint
· E-6000
· Dream Vinyl
· Paintbrush

Apply red-orange paint to the pine box with a paint brush.
Allow it to dry.
Use x-acto to cut paper to the size of the two side panels.
Attach to wood box with Mod Podge.
Then cut paper to fit inside three panels of box.
Attach to back panel of wood box with Mod Podge.
Allow to dry.
Place vinyl on the front of glass. Burnish firmly.
Carefully peel backing from vinyl. If the vinyl does not adhere, stop and reburnish.
Glue buttons on front of the cabinet with E-6000.
Allow to dry.

Your button decorator cabinet is ready to display! 

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