Thursday, January 16, 2014

Love Pennant Burlap Banner

We have a quick and easy DIY Valentine's Day banner project you will love!

Valentine's Day Love  Pennant Banner

Valentine Love Pennant Burlap Banner

4 - Burlap Red Pennants
L, O, V, and E Stencils
White Acrylic Paint
Striped Cotton Ribbon

1. Tie each burlap pennant to the next one with attached strings.
2. Set a stencil carefully on each pennant. You may want to use masking tape to attach stencil.
3. Stencil each pennant with the letters L, O, V, and E with white acrylic paint.
4. Let paint dry completely.
5. Tie a bow on each end of the pennant banner.

Your Valentine's Day banner is now ready to hang. This decoration will look great hanging from your fireplace mantle, a hallway mirror or even hanging in a window.

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