Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mason Jar Easter Candy Bouquet

This is a fun and easy Easter decoration that looks great and tastes good, too.

Mason Jar
Assorted Small Candy Packages
Marshmallow Peeps
Mini Eggs Candy
Pastel Pink and Yellow Tissue Paper
Ribbon Bow
E6000 Glue
Wood Dowels

Place the marshmallow peeps in the bottom of the Mason Jar so they show all the way around.
Next, Put in mini candy eggs.
Cut your wooden dowels to be in various lengths.
Glue the wood dowels to the back of candy packages and set aside to dry.
Take one piece of tissue and open completely.
Pick up pink piece of tissue in the middle of paper and place inside the Mason jar.  Repeat with the yellow tissue.
Push each candy stick into the candy filled jar arranging as you work.
Now attach a bow to the front of the mason jar.

Your Easter candy arrangement is finished!  This wood make a great table centerpiece and would also be a great gift for anyone who is too old for a

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