Sunday, May 24, 2015

DIY Graduation Party Decor

This is a popular post on Pinterest right now! Create a 2015 centerpiece for your graduation party - it's really easy. Customize the centerpiece with your graduate's school colors.

The Teal color is perfect for Bonney Lake High School!


  • 2,0,1, and 5 Chipboard Numbers
  • Black, Silver and Teal Tulle
  • One Quart Mason Jar
  • 4 Wooden Dowels
  • Silver and Teal Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Rhinestone Jeweled Ribbon
  • Silver Wrapping Ribbon


  1. Place 2015 chipboard numbers on a piece of paper and spray with adhesive.
  2. Sprinkle silver glitter over the numbers until they are completely covered. Allow to dry.
  3. Spray the bottom of the Mason jar with spray adhesive.
  4. Wrap the rhinestone ribbon around the top of the glued area and cut off excess.
  5. Now sprinkle teal glitter over the rest of the glue covering the area completely.
  6. Shake the excess silver glitter from the numbers and attach to a dowel with spray adhesive. Allow to dry.
  7. Using the teal tulle, cut ten 12" strips of tulle, tie in the middle with a piece of floral wire.
  8. Fluff the pouf.
  9. Repeat for the silver and black tulle.
  10. Put black tissue paper in the Mason jar and fluff.
  11. Push the end of a dowel into the center of each pouf.
  12. Place the dowels with the poufs and the 2015 into the Mason jar.
  13. Tie silver ribbon to each dowel.

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  1. how wide do you cut the tulle?

    1. we used the tulle rolls, which are about 4.5 inches and then cut them in 12 inch strips

  2. How long are the jewel ribbons?

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