Thursday, August 20, 2015

DIY Ribbon Wreath For Fall

Nicole made this wreath for display in our floral department. I love the fall colors and can picture this hanging on my front door.

  • Wire Wreath Form, 14 inch
  • Four Ribbon Spools of various colors, 2.5" x 10 yds.
  • One Package Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutters

1. Cut pipe cleaners into three pieces.

2. Roll all four entire ribbon spools into a spiral, gradually unrolling spools and rolling onto a large spool of ribbon with four layers, one for each  color.

3. Gather ends of four layer ribbon roll onto a single end, and loosely tie to the second wire from the inside of the wreath form with a piece of pipe cleaner. Loosely attaching will allow for adjustment of loop placement later.

4. Wrap ribbon around hand roughly creating a 4 inch loop, then gather/pinch ribbon together and loosely tie to the same wire on wreath form. Continue creating loops until wreath form is filled. Approximately five loops per wreath form section works best, with sixth loop jumping to next section.

5. After filling wreath form, the remaining ribbon will become a tail. Create a large loop with approximately 2/3 of remaining ribbon.  Then gather and tie to wreath form, letting other 1/3 of remaining ribbon create a tail.

6. Trim ends at an angle. Cut larger loop in half at an angle, creating two tails.

7. Flip wreath over to back. Rotate each tie so that excess points away from front. Equally space and tighten ties as you go. Clip off excess tie ends.

8. Flip wreath over to front. Begin to separate the layers from each ribbon loop. Fan loops out and try to alternate color/pattern loops to different positions than the previous loop.
Fluff loops to make the wreath full.

9. Separate tail ends to create additional streamers. Crimp and curl streamers and tail to add dimension and visual interest.

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