Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Can't find that spool of thread?

Don't know where the needle disappeared to?

Make your sewing notions easy to access by storing them in a mason jar!

Crafted by Pershette.


  • Mason Jar
  • Fabric
  • Balloon
  • Sand
  • E-6000

1.  Fill a small balloon with sand (until it has a round top).
2.  Measure and cut a circle of fabric for the balloon leaving a couple extra inches of fabric.
3.  Place the balloon in the center of the fabric (outer print side down).
4.  Place the top part of the lid on top of the balloon.
5.  Wrap the fabric around the lid and use E-6000 to secure it to the lid.
6.  Place glue to the inside rim of the band and connect the lid to the band.
7.  Cut a small circle from the fabric and glue it onto the bottom inside of the lid to hide where the fabric was folded onto the lid.

8.  Set aside to let dry.

Decorate the mason jar to your liking. Pershette dressed up the jar with a matching cozy and fabric flower.

The fabric flower was created with the Clover Kanzashi Flower Maker. Flower making has never been this easy using this product! It's quite a handy tool to have. 

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