Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monster Glass Block

The cool thing about this project is that you can choose to use any type of vinyl image or even forgo it and use paint with other embellishments to create a cute little monster glass block.

And, it would be a fun project for kids!

Crafted by Joy.


  • Glass Block
  • Monster Vinyl
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 Ping Pong or Styrofoam Balls
  • Scissors
  • Twist Tie

All supplies for this project can be found at our Bonney Lake store.
  1. Remove the plug from the glass block (if there is one) and pour paint into it.
  2. Swirl the paint around to completely cover the inside of the glass, applying more paint as you go if necessary.
  3. Pour out any excess paint and set aside to dry.
  4. Apply a Halloween themed vinyl of your choice to the front of the block.
  5. Measure and cut ribbon to wrap around the entire glass block, leaving an extra 6-8 inches of length on each side to make a bow.
  6. Wrap the ribbon around the glass block and tie it into a single knot.
  7. Gather the ribbon into a bunch and use a twist tie to secure it.
  8. Then, cut each loop in the ribbon to create the "hair" of the monster, sticking a few ends into the hole of the glass block to cover the opened area.
  9.  If you are using ping pong ball or Styrofoam ball, poke a small hole in it to insert a pipe cleaner.
  10. Paint the eyes on the ping pong or Styrofoam ball.
  11. Insert the other end of the pipe cleaner into the glass block and bend the eyes into shape.
You can get creative and add other items to the monster, such as multiple eyes, arms, legs and more. The possibilities for creativity are endless!

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  1. What do you clean the inside of the glass block with before you pour in the paint? Will this paint be permanent?

    1. You can use water and a small amount of dish soap. If you used acrylic craft paint, it will be permanent unless you try to wash it out (scrubbing, etc.).